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Our horses are truly special. We have 2 horses in our program, Forrest and Hailey. Both are owned and cared for by our instructor Laura. They were carefully selected for our program based on their personalities and training. Forrest and Hailey enjoy thier job and have proven to be sensible, level-headed horses.


Therapeutic horseback riding program Greenfield Indiana Horsepowered Learning Services

Forrest is a 21 year old Quarter Horse. He was a show horse for many years and excelled at taking care of young riders in the show ring. He has carried riders with special needs at the Special Olympics annual horse shows and has several years of experience teaching therapeutic riding lessons. Forrest loves to eat and especially enjoys peppermints.  


Aliza, Hailey, Brian.jpg

Hailey is a 16 year old Spotted Draft horse. She's our biggest horse and is truly a gentle giant. She is very calm and has an easygoing personality. 

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